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if ever would be done

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„I could've been somebody else, but else became sombody else”
( - Presser, Gábor)

„If you could not become a timber-tree, be scrub,
Or bee just weed
( - Veres, Péter)

But what am I?

One thing is almost sure: The best boogie-woogie pianist among photographing, tambura-making, archivator tramway-geek sound-mixer bluegrass bass players, with architect qualification, which play Balkan music on the accordion.

As known, cognition has two extremes: to learn more and more about less and less, until we'll know everything about nothing, and to observe more and more things, learning less and less about them, until we'll know nothing about everything. Find the right way between the two extremes, is everyone's own responsibility. I - until now - made it this way.

Interesting vocational problem: how deep to be catalogued the items of a collection. (The things of the world can be considered so). The available time is finite, as known. Record the title of 2000 items? Scan the table of contents of 200 one? Read 20? Analyze 2? OK, but which two? To make a responsible choice, first we should record all titles. Well, at least say 2000 one’s.

Let's have a closer look of one of the infinite items to be cognize: me! OK, but of which aspect?

I'm 178 cm tall. Weight: 69 kg. Nowadays. But (since I've became a biologically full-grown representative) I was 61, and even 83. We could - for example - plot it on a curve, as the function of time, recording some biographical events on the x-axis, to find out correlations and trends . Certainly we should need more x-axises behind each other: One for medical parameters. (Fortunately, until now, I had no heavy illnesses, but moderate swing should occurred by simple flues, spring fevers, tooth-aches. What about hangover? Shall it be signed here? Or on an other axis?) Here should be figured the changes in my sporting habits. Or on the next one. One should destined for the events of private life. Marriage (wedding), divorce, happiness, tearing, certainly took effect to my weight. One is certainly needed for my career: jobs, characteristic activities. It also makes difference, how much garage work i made night by night, and whether I was sitting by the computer, drinking beer and eating pizza, or perhaps played till the break of down, roading the stuff. Of course, we should sign that, when we started to eat in an other canteen. Or when the shop at the corner started to sell corn-beer. Hooh! And we're just at the point of weight! There's nothing yet about cholesterol, and blood-pressure.

Conclude, the one, who visit this site, won't give a perfect view of me. Nor a panoramic one. Perhaps a characteristic one, leastways in my opinion. Well, this may not interest anybody. On the other hand I hope, there are things here, what should help somebody to cognize something.

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